Helping People Plant Beautiful Forests

Regenerative agroforestry that cares for productive ecosystems

About Us

Our Mission

We are a regenerative initiative that longs to reforest the north of Portugal and Spain by proving that a forest can be ecologically sound as well as wildly productive.

By partnering with people driven to repair Earth, we help transform degraded lands into wild and flourishing forest communities. Where regenerative agroforestry builds soil, ecosystems resist wildfire, and people earn the economic freedom they need to care for their land.

We want to lower the threshold for what it takes to plant and manage forests, while allowing people to grab hold of their regenerative future.


Regenerative Goals

We’re working towards a strong social web of interconnected people working and living towards regeneration. We’re developing strong ties with established organizations in the region, as well as helping fledgling projects take off.

Mathijs de Bruin

I think the path we’re on, in terms of this climate emergency, needs millions of people to live closer to nature. With that in mind, I’m looking for people eager to wake up in the morning to plant and care for trees, and to empower them any way I can.

Diego Reimondez

How You Can Get Involved


We’re always on the lookout for new projects to support. Yet to do that, we need financial aid. If you’d like to help, you can donate to us directly. Or you can browse the regenerative projects we already support on our partner page, and support them directly.

Apply for a Grant

Every year we try and discover a few deserving projects that are in need of a little kickstart. The economic burden of starting a forest can be too much for some projects. We’re hoping to lower the threshold for what it takes to plant regenerative forests.

Become a Partner

In order to build a strong network of projects we need strong partners! We’re on the lookout for organizations, invested in the regenerative future, and interested in joining forces. If you work with forests in any way, chances are we’d like to work together!

Our Pillars

Develop Forest Initiatives

We want to help incubate beautiful projects where nature’s voice is respected, people can feel at home, and fauna can feel safe enough to get close and help us out.

Support the Network

We support a network of regenerative projects. Through consultancy and adaptable models of forestry, we’re eager to help people plant forests they can be confident will mature into the productive ecosystems they imagined.

Ecologic Education

Through the creation of open-source resources, courses, and other tools, we want to arm people with the knowledge, and support they need to plant their own forest, and be able to care for them into maturity.


Recent Posts

Eucalyptus: Feel Free to Plant a Few

Here in Galicia (and Portugal too), conversations about the eucalyptus can get pretty heated. It can be quite hard to have a conversation about anything ecological without someone pulling the topic towards eucalyptus. Like most other things in this world, people here are pretty polarized on the topic. With most everyone split into one of two groups, the first trying to argue how terrible they are, and the second arguing how excellent they are at making money. (Summarized quite well by this parody of despacito in which the generations argue about eucalyptus). The truth, however, seems to be that neither…

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The 10 Goals of our “Ice Cream Forest”

For a bit of context for what we mean by an ice cream forest, you can check out our last post on the ice cream forest we’ve been managing at the Silverto project. 1. Beautiful Management We believe that productive forests should form part of their ecosystem, they should and function like nature, and that people should feel good while they manage them. We don’t want to repeat the failings of conventional agriculture which stressed over eliminating every living thing it could excepting the one (arbitrarily) chosen species, while exploiting both soil and people to grow it. Practically, this means…

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The “Ice-Cream Forest”

A few years back, we were having dinner with our friend Rui, and we were talking about the problem of wildfires in Portugal. Every year thousands or millions of hectares go up in flames in a country that only has 8 million hectares. And though that’s terrifying enough in theory, the reality looks like Rui’s land. In 2005, his young woodland disappeared in a few minutes, and in the rains that followed, tons of topsoil eroded away. After the fire, Rui spent a decade managing his land, doing everything he could to minimize the risk of future fires. He planted…

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