Eucalyptus Conversions: 3 Case Studies

A lot of people have asked us how we would go about transforming a eucalyptus or a pinewood into a biodiverse forest. And as always, when it has to do with forests, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. So, we thought we’d explore a few projects we’ve worked on in the past that attempted to doContinue reading “Eucalyptus Conversions: 3 Case Studies”

Eucalyptus: Feel Free to Plant a Few

Here in Galicia (and Portugal too), conversations about the eucalyptus can get pretty heated. It can be quite hard to have a conversation about anything ecological without someone pulling the topic towards eucalyptus. Like most other things in this world, people here are pretty polarized on the topic. With most everyone split into one ofContinue reading “Eucalyptus: Feel Free to Plant a Few”

The 10 Goals of our “Ice Cream Forest”

For a bit of context for what we mean by an ice cream forest, you can check out our last post on the ice cream forest we’ve been managing at the Silverto project. 1. Beautiful Management We believe that productive forests should form part of their ecosystem, they should and function like nature, and thatContinue reading “The 10 Goals of our “Ice Cream Forest””

The “Ice-Cream Forest”

A few years back, we were having dinner with our friend Rui, and we were talking about the problem of wildfires in Portugal. Every year thousands or millions of hectares go up in flames in a country that only has 8 million hectares. And though that’s terrifying enough in theory, the reality looks like Rui’sContinue reading “The “Ice-Cream Forest””

Regenerative Agroforestry: (A few) Basic Challenges and Solutions

In our last post we took a general look at Regenerative Agroforestry. We looked a bit at the philosophy of it, and the basics of why it might be necessary, but didn’t give a good sense of how it’s used practically. So, if you’d like to give that post a read before reading today’s post,Continue reading “Regenerative Agroforestry: (A few) Basic Challenges and Solutions”