Become a partner

If you work with forests, we want to help incubate your organization, and free you to do what’s important. These are some of the ways we might be able to help.

Gain a “Virtual” Organization

A virtual organization is one in which we lend you our foundation. We can create “virtual” organizations within the umbrella of our own.

This way you can keep your own identity, way of working, while gaining a legal entity within Europe through our foundation – “Stichting Sol Nascente“.

Benefits of a “Virtual” Organization

You’ll be able to accept, manage and spend donations easily. Gain a voice to determine the direction the Sol Nascente network takes. And gain a legal entity through which to apply for subsidies and other sources of funding.

Create your Partner Page

We’ll provide you with a space for people to discover your project on our Partner’s page. Here you’ll be able to show off what makes your vision unique, attract donors, and tell your story.


Access our network of experts eager to help make your project thrive. Whether that be through ecology, economy, education, community formation, or telling your story we have the tools to help you out.


In the pursuit of making regenerative forests accessible to anyone, we’re developing open-source toolkits. These will be used to help anyone create regenerative forests on their own land. Feel free to ask us how we might be able to help you adapt these tools to your project.

Who do we partner with?

We work with anyone who seeks to inspire regeneration, either through agricultural, cultural, or educational means. If there’s a forest involved, chances are we’d like to work together.