Donate – Natureza Humana

If you like what Natureza Humana is doing and you’d like to donate to them directly you’ll be able to do that here!


A portion of every 10 euro donation made to Natureza Humana will go to the following.

All donations over 10 euro will go directly to the project of your choosing.

And remember every donation (in Portugal) comes with a care packaged that contains a meriola, bookmark, and some seeds.

1/2 will go directly to the project of your choosing.

1/4 will go towards the care package

1/4 will go to the larger Natureza Humana project.

Bank Transfer

How do they donate?

Future (potential) Projects

In time, Natureza Humana is looking to develop their own (type of project) in central Portugal.

If you’re interested in working with Natureza Humana to develop any of the following, either through donating time or money, contact them!

(I have a question here) –

What gift do you have to share with the world? What would make you happiest to do, day in and day out?

I see many vague ideas. Which is okay, I’m just wondering which of these you would be happiest pursuing. If we could narrow down the list to maybe only 2 or 3, then it would signal that you’re serious about those particular projects. Also, if someone did come along wanting to develop them, we can be sure it’s a project you actually want to work with, that might fulfill you, instead of something you step into with half interest.

Some ideas of what Natureza Humana is looking to develop.

Long-term stays to learn about nature.

Productive forested ecosystems for food production. Based in syntropic, and agroecology.

A learning space for ecological education. Contact with nature, through hikes, and nature experiences.

Offices that respect the health, and personal development of their workers.

A center for social innovation.