About us

Sol Nascente is a non-profit organisation that longs to regenerate and reforest the north of Portugal and Spain by proving that a forest can be ecologically sound as well as wildly productive.


Our mission is to take degraded lands and to transform them into flourishing forest communities. To acquire lands weakened by generations of neglect, manage them with regenerative agroforestry to build soil and resist wildfire. And in the same space, nest several forest productions which we then process into goods with a high added value. Simultaneously yielding natural beauty, carbon credits, conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem services, and the very forest models which tie them together.

Diego Reimondez

Diego is the president and co-founder of Stichting Sol Nascente. Through his experience as a forest gardener (Bosquenauta) and writer he’s helping to present our vision to the world, and design forests which are safe and abundant for people, fauna and flora. He believes that in order to restore our relationship to the natural world we need to find balance between our civilized and wild sides while we base our dreams on ecologic reality.


Mathijs de Bruin

Mathijs is the secretary and co-founder of Sol Nascente. He has a background in IT, physics and philosophy. At heart, though, he is an explorer of complex systems and employs the hacker mentality to make sure that Sol Nascente finds its place in the world. Whether the challenge is bureaucratic, communal, or institutional, he is adept at taking abstract or strange concepts and finding practical implementations within the rules of the systems.



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