Grant 2023 – Forest Coaching

Sol Nascente’s mission is to help transform degraded and abandoned lands in Northern Spain and Portugal into healthy and biodiverse forests. Towards that goal, we’ll be giving small grants to projects we think have the potential to help move it forward. That means we might be able to help grow your project!

In 2023, we’ll be giving out 2 grants that go hand in hand.

1 – Free Forest Coaching.

Forest coaching is a long-term program where people will be guided through the design of the land on which they intend to plant their forest. You can find more information about forest coaching here. This year, we’ll be opening space for 4 projects. Those who receive the grant will have the cost of the program completely covered. In addition, those 4 grant winners will also automatically qualify to be considered for a 500 euro grant.

2 – A 500 euro grant

With the hopes of helping people afford their forests, at the end of the forest coaching program, we will distribute 500€ towards buying trees that will be planted. Those 500 euros will be either distributed among the Forest Coaching grant winners, or given to the single coachee who is most in need.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for people who want to work with regenerative, biodiverse, and wild forests. Anyone with a dream to one day live in a resilient and regenerative forest. And who wants to respect the land by engaging in a design that seeks to engage both the land’s full potential as well as their own. Essentially, people who are committed to a lifelong relationship with their forests, and who believe that a strong relationship with nature is the base on which a healthy culture can be built.

Who can apply?

This year, we’re looking for a very specific set of people. Any group or individual who:

  • Wants to plant a forest in Portugal or Northwestern Spain, and has long-term access to land.
  • Wants to work with forestry based on regeneration, biodiversity, and respect.
  • Has the desire to begin planting their forest by the end of 2023.
  • May have a financial hardship that would otherwise not let them be able to afford a forest coaching program.
  • People who are willing to spend at least a few days a month really diving into their design. Reading, studying, actively engaging with their land, and for whom this is a high priority.

How to apply?

First, get to know the forest coaching program a bit better. If you like what you see, come back here to download and fill out the following form. Then, email it to ‘ ‘ before March 15th.

If there are any issues also feel free to contact Diego at +34 688 92 25 91 with any questions.

And though English is our preferred language, as not everyone on our team speaks all of these languages, feel free to apply in Spanish or Portuguese.

How will applications be evaluated?

Forest Coaching

Applications to the forest coaching program will be evaluated based on how well they answer the following questions:

  • How well do the applicant’s desires align with the intended benefits of Forest Coaching?
  • How committed are applicants to discovering their own unique forest design, and not implementing a one size fits all approach?
  • How committed are applicants to maintaining their care for the forest in the long-term (10 years+)?
  • How great is the applicant’s need? This will look at the issue both financially and in terms of the benefits the program may provide.

500 Euro Grant

This grant is intended to be given only to those who have completed the forest coaching program, and will then be given to someone who meets the following criteria.

  • Have they completed the forest coaching program?
  • How great is their financial need?
  • How likely are they to continue their care for their forest in the long term?