Natureza Humana

Natureza Humana

Their Story

Natureza Humana is a developing project that longs to explore how a deep cooperation with nature has the power to transform people for the better.

They believe that a search for a synergy between humanity and the wilds can reveal the ecological self within us all.

By seeking out and supporting regenerative projects throughout Portugal that weave together ecological and social entrepreneurship, agroforestry and personal health, Natureza Humana, as their name implies hopes to find the true nature within everyone they work with.

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First and foremost, Natureza Humana aims to find projects in Portugal that embody their primary convictions that:

  1. People should be treated like people (instead of workhorses). That human health and natural health walk together. And understanding that looking towards the wisdom of nature, we can find some wisdom in our own daily life.
  2. Any project should value and regenerate nature. Using local resources and talents, to rediscover our humanity, and create a more sustainable planet Earth.

And then display and connect these projects to the larger community.

How you can Help

Once you’ve explored the projects that Natureza Humana has highlighted, and you’ve found a project you’re interested in supported, you can donate to them directly.

Every donation made from within Portugal will receive a care package that will include a bookmark, a few seeds (what kind of seeds?), and a few small stones (from where, what kind of stone?) selected for you to balance.

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The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you really are wise.

Balancing stones (Mariola)

Natureza Humana sees the balancing of stones as a metaphor for their larger understanding of their project.

They represent the balance the we’re looking for within ourselves, and with nature. They serve as a reminder that properly place anything can find balance.

(I’m having a tough time finding the name meriola anywhere.)


The heart and visionary behind Natureza Humana, and an eternal apprentice Fatima has learned a great deal both about herself and the Portuguese landscape through years of personal exploration and the many places in which she finds her calling (including orienteering, biodanza, and social enterprise).

And it’s this personal transformation she’s experienced at the hands of nature that she’d like to share with others. She’d like to place her gifts at the service of life, to contribute to a more human society that becomes respectful of everything that surrounds us, including ourselves.

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