Below you can find the projects we’re working with towards a regenerative future. You’ll find a quick discussion of who they are, what they do, and you’re invited to visit their individual pages.

Ecoaldeia Silverto

Silverto is an incubating ecovillage attempting to find a balance with nature. Here 12-15 people will promote the idea that rural life isn’t a spiritless existence tucked away from the world, but a new cultural center nestled into nature. Their goals is to uncover a new style of life in the countryside that balances ecology, community and economy.

Reflorestar Portugal

Dedicated to a forested landscape that stretches the length of the nation, Reflorestar Portugal is the regenerative heart of Portugal. Through natural regenerative plantations, eco-team building, and education, they are an active presence throughout the country. Yet, they go above and beyond as their true purpose is to inspire our social and cultural structures to reflect the natural wisdom found in the personality of a forest.

A Illa de Lagos

An established 2 hectare forest garden that already sings to the world of what nature is capable of. This project is currently undergoing a transformation in which the land will become the setting of a “Liveogame”. A type of natural park in which people may go to live through a series of games and stories that let us experience the importance of nature, ecologic thinking, and personal regeneration first hand.

Restore Nature

Nestled into the Vinha Velha project which has already lived through 30 years of regeneration, Restore Nature is dedicated to translating those lessons to new generations. Through education, regeneration, and direct experience, this is a project that wants to bring balance back to nature.


Meriola is a gateway to many smaller projects taking off within Portugal. Seeking to connect people to these projects, you can browse several projects getting underway. With every donation , you’ll receive a small meriola (balancing rocks), some seeds, and a bookmark.