The “Ice-Cream Forest”

A few years back, we were having dinner with our friend Rui, and we were talking about the problem of wildfires in Portugal. Every year thousands or millions of hectares go up in flames in a country that only has 8 million hectares. And though that’s terrifying enough in theory, the reality looks like Rui’sContinue reading “The “Ice-Cream Forest””

A Fire-Adapted Forest

The question everyone who works with forests in Portugal has the unfortunate duty to ask is ‘How will this land burn?’ Not because everything will burn, but because predicting wildfire is imprecise, to say the least, and anything can burn. Just to get a sense of how dire the situation is, in a recent assessmentContinue reading “A Fire-Adapted Forest”

Regenerative Agroforestry

Imagine a single technology capable of feeding people and wildlife at the same time. Whose work removes carbon from the air, and whose residue builds houses (and heats them.) Now, imagine that this same technology was able to clean the air, water and soil, keep us healthy, create rain, and play a key role inContinue reading “Regenerative Agroforestry”

The Forest is a Pantry

What if we were able to grow ecosystem’s that feed us, while giving nature equal say in their design? That’s the question we took up; as we sought to design a forest that produces everything a family could need to eat in the real amount of time they would have to care for it.

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